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Why AIBC 2024?


An opportunity for all aspiring talents

Ignite your potential, shape your future

Empowerment and Growth

AIBC 2024 is committed to nurturing the next generations of financial leaders, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. During our flagship competitions, delegates will develop financial acumen by tackling challenging questions in realistic scenarios. Delegates will also acquire further financial knowledge during various workshops, enhancing their readiness for the dynamic world of finance.


Industry-focused Networking

Our flagship competitions and networking sessions provide valuable opportunities for delegates to display their inventiveness, presentation skills and technical knowledge in front of our prestigious sponsors. This year, we have invited representatives from diverse industries, including asset management, hedge fund and independent advisory firms, allowing delegates to connect with industry leaders from their aspired fields of finance.

Connect with Talented Minds

In past years, AIBC welcomed outstanding delegates from 90+ prestigious universities and 25+ countries globally. This forges meaningful connections between bright minds from all around the globe, cultivating a robust talent network, enabling delegates to advance their careers.

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