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Privacy Agreement

As you proceed to the next step, you will have the opportunity to commence the application process for the Asia Investment & Banking Conference (AIBC). This application journey encompasses multiple segments, designed to gather information regarding your experience, competencies, and interests.


By selecting the I AGREE option, you acknowledge and affirm the following:


  • All information you provide is truthful and accurate;

  • Providing misleading, false, or misrepresented information about your experience or capabilities could lead to a rejection of your application, suspension from the current conference, or disqualification from future events;

  • You have acquainted yourself with the Online Recruitment Privacy Statement applicable to your location. This statement outlines how AIBC collects, utilises, and shares your Personal Data in connection with AIBC's online recruitment activities and related processes.

Should you have a disability and wish to request accommodations to apply for a role, you are encouraged to reach out to us via email (

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