A brief summary of our origins

The Asia Investment & Banking Conference (AIBC) was launched over a decade ago as a platform for vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives amongst established professionals and students from leading universities worldwide. Since its inception, AIBC has focused on the swift-ascending investment and banking landscape in Asia.  

In the ever-evolving financial services landscape, AIBC differentiates itself by evolving our conference’s themes and topics to stay at the forefront of core industry developments. Centring our conference on our core thematic pillars of Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Trading, and Asset Management, AIBC 2022 hopes to provide more than ever a well-rounded perspective on pertinent industry opportunities and deliver insights on important trends from sustainable finance in Asia to the liberalisation of the Chinese financial sector.   


AIBC 2022 will be held on 2nd, 5th-7th September 2022.