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About us

Asia Investment and Banking Conference (AIBC) is the largest conference on financial services in APAC, connecting emerging talents with financial institutions. Since its inception in 2008, AIBC has been at the forefront of industry trends, navigating corporate advisory and financial markets.

Join the Dialogue: AIBC 2024

Be a part of AIBC 2024, where tradition meets ambition, and where today's promising minds engage with the industry's best to shape the world of tomorrow.


From Local to Global

Originating as a school-based event, AIBC swiftly ascended, earning global recognition among students. Our platform became a lighthouse, connecting ambitious individuals to opportunities in the realm of Investment Banking.


Reaching New Heights

AIBC experienced phenomenal growth and success, attracted over 1500 applicants, joined by 300 delegates annually, and expanded to areas encompassing corporate advisory and financial markets.



Adapting to the Pandemic

The global pandemic presented unprecedented challenges, but AIBC showcased resilience and adaptability. Transitioning online, we expanded our talent network from countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond.

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Revitalising AIBC

Carrying a rejuvenated focus on reshaping the conference experience, we are enhancing physical networking, talent scouting and recruitment initiatives.


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