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Group & Networking Sessions


AIBC 2024 workshops highlight critical areas in finance, with a wide range of themes. These interactive sessions allow delegates to develop skills and deepen their comprehension of specific finance areas. With the inclusion of 5-minute firm promotional presentations, sponsors can effectively attract top talent whilst concurrently promoting company values and departments. This approach helps attract qualified and specialised talent, thereby strengthening APAC's talent representation and opening up avenues for targeted talent acquisition.


Group Breakout Sessions

The Group Breakout Sessions at AIBC 2024 are revamped to cater to different skill levels of delegates. One room will be dedicated to early talents, where they can gain valuable insights from our education sponsors and develop fundamental financial skills. An advanced session will focus on stock-pitching and scenario-based projects, where participants can experience the work of an investment banker.

Delegates can expand knowledge in their aspired finance fields and display their inventiveness. On the other hand, sponsors can tap into a high-calibre talent pool by engaging in meaningful conversations with delegates. 


Networking Sessions

Networking Sessions offer sponsors an early opportunity to connect with talented delegates, laying the groundwork for a robust talent pipeline. The relaxed setting allows sponsors to address delegates' queries and promote their company culture and programs to potential talents. For delegates, it is an invaluable experience to network with high-profile guests from our prestigious sponsors. 

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