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Introduction for 2nd Issue

Dear Delegates,

It has been a busy and nail-biting time in the financial markets this past March. As April begins, we look back at some of these major trends and events in our second three-parts issue on the next of our conference themes - Asset Management.

With the downturn in US aircraft company Boeing’s fortunes last month, after the fatal crash of its flagship 737 Max plane in Ethiopia, we ask if there are lessons to be learnt from investing in Exchange-Traded Funds, which, despite their claim to be low-risk investments, were dangerously exposed to drops in Boeing’s stock price.

Similar questions are being asked about factor investing, which have seen their limits in the past months as markets cool, despite their increasing popularity in recent years. To round it off, we speak to Jian Wen, an investment banking analyst at J.P. Morgan, who talks about what it takes to get the job, and the trends affecting the market today.


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