Introducing our various sessions covering M&A, S&T, and AM

AIBC 2021 will once again offer world-class experiences together with our partners to our delegates through the following sessions: events covering M&A, S&T, and AM, workshops, and various other activities. 



Success in the investment and banking industry calls for a combination of skills. AIBC has professional partners on board to conduct three masterclass workshop sessions tailored to equip delegates with the skills relevant to the financial services industry. 


A brand new highlight at this year's conference, the Private Markets Workshop will give delegates at the AIBC insights into the buy side. This session will be hosted by our Official Education Sponsor CAIA Association, an independent organization committed to education and professionalism in the field of alternative investments.


Finding the ideal job and excelling in finance today requires more than a solid foundation of technical skills and knowledge. Jonathan Fung from Linkedin will be joining our conference for the first time this year to provide delegates the opportunity to learn how to build an effective network, create your personal brand online and network with professionals amidst the challenging times for face to face interaction. 


The Wealth Management Workshop will expose delegates to the elusive wealth management industry. This session will be hosted by our Silver Sponsor UBS, a premier investment manager with large influence across the APAC region. 


Delegates will be assigned a Group Breakout Session that runs on Day 2 of the conference based on their expressed interest in our themes. In a team-based setting, they will be guided by representatives from our sponsors, who provided feedback on their performance. After the completion of each session, our sponsors will provide delegates with more information about the company and upcoming internship opportunities.


Group Breakout Session

The  M&A Session exposes delegates to the role of M&A bankers. Delegates will be taught the fundamentals of M&A financial analysis, and produce their own pitchbooks. Teams will be evaluated through a 5 minute presentation, and the highest scoring teams will receive prizes from sponsors and be invited to present to all delegates. 


Group Breakout Session

The AM Session presents delegates with an opportunity to pitch a stock as an Asset Management analyst. Teams will prepare and present a stock pitch on a publicly listed company to their respective analysts in-charge, and will be evaluated by a panel of representatives. Top scorers will win prizes and get a chance to present to all delegates.

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